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Kerri Dawe Design

Over the years I’ve dealt with hundreds of creative people… photographers, artists, designers, writers & musicians. Their talent levels were like their personalities…. all over the map, covering the full range of possibilities, some easy to deal with and some were a royal pain in the ass.

From my perspective the real talent in a commercial artist [of any specialty] is the ability to utilize their creative abilities to deliver an end product that truly represents their customer’s vision. In our ever more web & digital world the task for any web designer is to capture that elusive essence of the business in a package that will be shown to the world. A lot of designers loose track of one of the core sales philosophies….. KISS… you know ‘keep it simple stupid’. The over use of Flash, java, video clips and the wiz bang of what appears to be a circus on your screen does nothing but confuse, slow down the loading of the site and frustrate most users and they leave never to return.

Any of you who have visited my blogs are aware that I admire Kerri Dawe’s design talents. She is an exceptional artist with that special ability to capture that essence that so many other designers miss. As well she has an intuitive sense for the ‘art’ of marketing a combination not often found in young web designers.

Kerri recently launched her own web site with a portfolio of her work. I think my friend [even if Facebook doesn’t think we’re friends … we are] has done an exceptional job of capturing her personality and has built a site that speaks for itself….

Visit and you will see clean lines, beautiful colour choices, the site is easy on the eye, with a logical layout, and a straight forward confident statement of her many talents. This in not a cluttered site….. classic understatement of talent and much like its creator there is so much more ….


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